Step One to Liquid Democracy?

Step One to Liquid Democracy?

Step one to liquid democracy…

Let individual constituents cast their vote directly (or by proxy) in parliamentary divisions….

It might be that it could not be entirely anonymous – but a constituent, on any division, giving due notice should be enabled to indicate their vote directly.

For every (say) 60,000 individual votes cast, an additional ‘MPs’ vote maybe created and counted.

Without some thought it is hard to say if the voters MP’s vote should be reduced in weight accordingly – this has merit and drawbacks, but given the arbitrary nature of support for MP’s generally this may not be any issue whatsoever.

On the face of it individual votes may seem unwieldy – but in practice would probably resolve to a number of permanent non-geographic constituencies of like minded (but geographically separated) voters or resolve to MP’s ensuring their constituents were well enough satisfied as to not bother to vote independently – or a combination of the two.

Worst case is the USA situation where representatives pander to stable majorities and energise them by beating up on the minorities – however with direct voting the minorities would not go unrepresented…

Looks good to me… comments/discussion welcome…